What level of support can I expect?

We cannot and will not provide support for installing specific applications onto your virtual private server (we do not provide managed services).  Users are responsible for securing and maintaining their servers.  SGC-Hosting will provide support for the host node and the initial installation of the virtual server.
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Do you sell Windows Server licenses?

No, we do not provide licenses for any Windows Server release.  Users must provide their own...

What operating systems may we choose from?

We will be adding more operating systems as they are requested.  We will provide the latest...

Can I use VPN/Tor/Proxy servers to allow anonymous access through my VPS?

We do not permit anonymous access to our services.  As the owner of the virtual server,...

Can I run my own "XYZ" server?

You are permitted to install any server or software on your VPS as long as it is within our ToS....

What hypervisor is running my virtual server?

We currently use KVM as our hypervisor.

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